Our name, Tummify, means to transform the tummy, and we are here to do just that. The link between gut health and overall health is now undisputed.

Your gut needs to work seamlessly to ensure you are properly nourished (letting in the good stuff), adequately detoxified (keeping out the bad stuff), and have a balanced immune system(over 60% of your immune system that protects you from illness resides in the gut).

It’s a big job and when it’s in balance your gut is well, when it’s out of balance a host of near-term and chronic health problems can occur.

We can broadly frame gut health as getting the balance of good bacteria right or in scientific terms, having a healthy microbiome (think about it as your very own microbial fingerprint!).

So why are we having so many gut problems? Poor diet, stress, drug-use are some of the big factors throwing our gut ecosystems out of balance and making it difficult for our bodies to rebalance without some help.

That help comes in the form of providing the body with the right number, strength and variety of good bacteria needed to get back to a thriving, balanced gut environment.

The Tummify daily probiotic shot has been formulated by leading food scientists, nutritionists, and health conscious mums determined to create a product that outperforms the market on every level from performance, to naturalness, to kindness on the body. We encourage you to take a look at The Product up close.